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Arch Microbiol. 1996 Nov;166(5):308-14.

Ferroglobus placidus gen. nov., sp. nov., A novel hyperthermophilic archaeum that oxidizes Fe2+ at neutral pH under anoxic conditions.

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Lehrstuhl f├╝r Mikrobiologie, Universit├Ątsstrasse 31, D-93053 Regensburg, Germany.


A novel coccoid, anaerobic, Fe2+-oxidizing archaeum was isolated from a shallow submarine hydrothermal system at Vulcano, Italy. In addition to ferrous iron, H2 and sulfide served as electron donors. NO3- was used as electron acceptor. In the presence of H2, also S2O32- could serve as electron acceptor. The isolate was a neutrophilic hyperthermophile that grew between 65 degrees C and 95 degrees C. It represents a novel genus among the Archaeoglobales that we name Ferroglobus. The type species is Ferroglobus placidus (DSM 10642).

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