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Mol Cell Biochem. 1995 Dec 6-20;153(1-2):17-24.

Vanadium chemistry and biochemistry of relevance for use of vanadium compounds as antidiabetic agents.

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Department of Chemistry and Cell and Molecular Biology Program, Colorado State University 80523, USA.


The stability of 11 vanadium compounds is tested under physiological conditions and in administration fluids. Several compounds including those currently used as insulin-mimetic agents in animal and human studies are stable upon dissolution in distilled water but lack such stability in distilled water at pH 7. Complex lability may result in decomposition at neutral pH and thus may compromise the effectiveness of these compounds as therapeutic agents; Even well characterized vanadium compounds are surprisingly labile. Sufficiently stable complexes such as the VEDTA complex will only slowly reduce, however, none of the vanadium compounds currently used as insulin-mimetic agents show the high stability of the VEDTA complex. Both the bis(maltolato)oxovanadium(IV) and peroxovanadium complexes extend the insulin-mimetic action of vanadate in reducing cellular environments probably by increased lifetimes under physiological conditions and/or by decomposing to other insulin mimetic compounds. For example, treatment with two equivalents of glutathione or other thiols the (dipicolinato)peroxovanadate(V) forms (dipicolinato)oxovanadate(V) and vanadate, which are both insulin-mimetic vanadium(V) compounds and can continue to act. The reactivity of vanadate under physiological conditions effects a multitude of biological responses. Other vanadium complexes may mimic insulin but not induce similar responses if the vanadate formation is blocked or reduced. We conclude that three properties, stability, lability and redox chemistry are critical to prolong the half-life of the insulin-mimetic form of vanadium compounds under physiological conditions and should all be considered in development of vanadium-based oral insulin-mimetic agents.

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