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Allergy Asthma Proc. 1996 Sep-Oct;17(5):283-6.

Hereditary factor for nasal polyps.

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Brown University School of Medicine, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.


The purpose of this study is to determine whether a hereditary factor exists for nasal polyps. Fifty patients (27 male, 23 female; age range 14-86 years) had a personal history of nasal polyps. These were confirmed by physician reports, polypectomy pathology reports, or direct visualization. These 50 patients were questioned concerning the existence of a familial history (parents, siblings, or children) of nasal polyps. A control group of 30 patients without nasal polyps was obtained by matching sex, age, personal history of atopy, and allergy skin test results to patients with a personal history of nasal polyps. Familial history of nasal polyps was obtained from the control group by direct interview. Seven of 50 (14%) of the group with nasal polyps had a familial history of nasal polyps. Of those seven, three patients had more than one immediate family member with a positive family history (two patients with two family members (sister, mother; 2 sisters) and one patient with three family members (3 brothers)). Among the control group, 0 of 30 (0%) had a familial history of nasal polyps. This difference is statistically significant (P value is 0.0414). This study suggests that there exists a hereditary factor for development of nasal polyps.

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