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Gene. 1996 Oct 17;176(1-2):163-9.

Homologs of Escherichia coli recJ, gltX and of a putative 'early' gene of avian Chlamydia psittaci are located upstream of the 'late' omp2 locus of Chlamydia psittaci strain guinea pig inclusion conjunctivitis.

Author information

Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Rochester Medical Center, NY 14642, USA.


The nucleotide sequence of nearly 6 kb of genomic DNA located immediately upstream of the omp3-omp2 operon of Chlamydia psittaci strain GPIC was obtained, revealing four significant open reading frames (ORFs), named ORF1, ORF2, ORF4 and ORF5. Searches for homologous sequences in the GenBank/EMBL databases have revealed that: (a) the open-ended ORF1 putatively encodes an homolog of RecJ of Escherichia coli, thought to be required for RecBCD-independent and conjugational recombination, and for UV repair; (b) the predicted translation product of ORF4 is highly homologous to the putative product of EUO, a previously described ORF of avian C. psittaci strain 6BC which is preferentially transcribed early during the life cycle; and (c) ORF5 putatively encodes an homolog of bacterial glutamyl-tRNA synthetases. This analysis establishes the genetic linkage of late (omp3-omp2) and of a proposed early (EUO) genes in Chlamydia.

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