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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1996 Nov 1;228(1):134-40.

Genomic organization and DNA sequences of two human phenol sulfotransferase genes (STP1 and STP2) on the short arm of chromosome 16.

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Southern Research Institute, Birmingham, Alabama 35205, USA.


A family of human phenol sulfotransferase genes has been suggested by the cloning of numerous cDNA isolates from different tissues. We have previously cloned and sequenced the STM gene encoding the monoamine neurotransmitter-preferring sulfotransferase, M-PST, and a portion of the STP1 gene encoding the phenol-preferring isozyme, P-PST1 (BBRC 205, 1325-1332; Genomics 18, 440-443). Both genes were mapped to a small region on the short arm of chromosome 16 (BBRC 205, 482-489). Here we report on the sequencing and genomic organization of the STP1 and STP2 genes from a single cosmid clone obtained from chromosome 16p12.1-p11.2. STP1 and STP2 are 95.9% identical at the amino acid sequence level, whereas the STM gene is only 92.9% and 90.5% identical to STP1 and STP2, respectively. Alignment of the genomic sequences indicated that all three genes have 7 coding exons and conserved intron-exon boundaries. These results facilitated the assignment of previously published cDNA isolates as "alleles" of the individual STM, STP1, and STP2 loci on 16p, and provide to us a greater understanding of the complexity and roles of the phenol sulfotransferase gene family in the metabolism of endogenous and xenobiotic agents.

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