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Chem Senses. 1996 Oct;21(5):507-17.

SW.B6-Soa(b) nontaster congenic strains completed and a sucrose octaacetate congenic quartet tested with other bitters.

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Department of Psychology, Florida State University, Tallahassee 32306-1051, USA.


Ten SW.B6 SOA nontaster strains congenic with the SWR/J SOA taster inbred strain were bred via repeated backcross-intercross cycles, with selection for nontasting in each cycle. Preference ratio distributions and phenotypic proportions across cycles at 0.1 mM SOA were consistent with monogenic predictions. The SW.B6 mice completed a congenic quartet with the SWR/J, B6.SW SOA taster and C57BL/6J SOA nontaster strains. The Soa locus controlled avoidance differences within the quartet for SOA, raffinose undecaacetate, glucose pentaacetate and brucine. Background genes not linked to Soa controlled avoidance differences for L-phenylalanine and ethanol. Avoidance of bitter picric acid was influenced by the Soa locus, but avoidance of acetic acid was not. The quartet pattern for quinine HCl was unclear, with indications of both Soa and background effects. Two forms of ribose tetraacetate yielded different patterns. Avoidance differences controlled by the Soa locus were found for the pyranose form; however, all four strains avoided the furanose form. The pleiotropic effects of Soa allele substitution within the quartet were limited to a subset of bitter compounds.

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