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J Med Chem. 1996 Oct 25;39(22):4382-95.

Heterocyclic ureas: inhibitors of acyl-CoA:cholesterol O-acyltransferase as hypocholesterolemic agents.

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Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Division of Warner-Lambert Company, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105, USA.


A series of diaryl-substituted heterocyclic ureas was prepared, and their ability to inhibit acyl-CoA: cholesterol O-acyltransferase (ACAT) in vitro and to lower plasma total cholesterol in cholesterol-fed animal models in vivo was examined. N-(2,6-Diisopropylphenyl)-N'-tetrazole or isoxazole-substituted heterocyclic ureas proved optimal. A carbon chain of 11-14 carbons substituted 1,3 with respect to the amine provided the optimal side chain. Substitution of the alkyl chain generally lowered activity. Tetrazole urea 2i dosed at 3 mg/kg lowered plasma total cholesterol (TC) 67% in an acute, cholesterol-fed (C-fed) rat model of hypercholesterolemia and 47% in C-fed dogs. Tetrazole 2i, dosed at 10 mg/kg, also lowered TC 52% and raised HDL cholesterol 113% in rats with pre-established hypercholesterolemia.

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