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J Med Primatol. 1996 Jun;25(3):175-85.

Initial characterization of viral sequences from a SHIV-inoculated pig-tailed macaque that developed AIDS.

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Department of Microbiology, Molecular Genetics and Immunology, Marion Merrell Dow Laboratory of Viral Pathogenesis, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City 66160-7240, USA.


In this study, we report on the derivation of a pathogenic SIV-HIV chimeric virus (SHIV) and the initial characterization of the viral sequences from the first (macaque PPc) of a series of pig-tailed macaques that developed CD4+ T cell loss and AIDS. Viral genes were amplified by PCR from the brain, lymphoid, and kidney tissues and their sequences compared to the original SHIV used to initiate passages in macaques. Our results show that the vpu gene, which was nonfunctional in the original SHIV, now coded for functional protein in macaque PPc. The tat and rev genes had no consensus changes but the nef gene had 4-5 consensus changes, depending on the tissue examined. The gp 120 gene had the highest number of nucleotide and amino acid substitution rates that varied from 0.64% to 1.44% and 1.17% to 3.71%, respectively, again depending on the tissue examined. These results suggest that a constellation of changes accumulated at the genomic level during the derivation of a SHIV that was pathogenic for pig-tailed macaques.

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