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Med Microbiol Immunol. 1996 Sep;185(2):89-94.

Binding of the V proteins to the nucleocapsid proteins of human parainfluenza type 2 virus.

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Department of Microbiology, Mie University School of Medicine, Japan.


Interaction of the nucleocapsid (NP) and V proteins of human parainfluenza type 2 virus (HPIV-2) was investigated using a transient expression system. When the NP proteins were co-expressed with the V proteins, some of the NP proteins were translocated into the nuclei. These findings suggest that the NP protein interact with the V proteins. We examined the interaction of the NP proteins and the P, V proteins or deletion mutants of V protein using immunofluorescence and co-immunoprecipitation plus Western blotting analyses, and showed that the V proteins of HPIV-2 bind to the NP proteins and that the N-terminal domain of V protein interacts directly with the NP proteins. When the NP proteins were co-expressed with the V proteins or the N-terminal fragments (aa 1-46), the NP proteins were detected diffusely in the nuclei of the transfected cells, and were also detected in cytoplasmic inclusions. The NP and V proteins were co-localized in the nuclei or cytoplasm. Furthermore, the NP proteins were co-precipitated with the P, V, and V (1-164) proteins by a specific antibody. The P proteins interact more closely with the NP proteins than do the V proteins. These findings indicate that the V proteins have the ability to bind the NP proteins.

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