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J Enzyme Inhib. 1996;10(4):215-229.

Structure-activity studies on monoamine oxidase inhibitors by calorimetric and quantum mechanical calculations.

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Istituto di Scienze Biochimiche e Farmacologiche, University of Catania, Italy.


Structure-activity relationship studies were carried out on a new series of hydrazino-thiosemicarbazide derivatives, which inhibit monoamino oxidase (MAO). Fifty-five compounds were synthesized and tested "in vitro" for their inhibitory effects on rat liver mitochondrial MAO. The most efficient MAO inhibitors were the benzylidene derivatives (sequence: see text] where R is the piperonyl radical and ethyl or isopropyl substituents are in R1 position. Correlation of MAO activity with hydrophobic, electronic and steric properties of tested compounds, evaluated by means of Quantum Mechanical calculations and calorimetric analysis (DSC) suggest that electronic and steric parameters give a better fit than hydrophobicity with the biological activity.

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