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Br J Pharmacol. 1996 Sep;119(1):142-8.

The effect of L-type calcium channel modulators on the mobilization of intracellular calcium stores in guinea-pig intestinal smooth muscle.

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Laboratoire de Pharmacologie, UCL 5410, Brussels, Belgium.


1. The action of Ca2+ channel modulators has been examined on the intracellular Ca2+ signal in the longitudinal smooth muscle cells of the guinea-pig intestine after exposure to histamine and to agents known to affect intracellular Ca2+ stores. Isometric contraction has been measured simultaneously with front-surface fluorometry of fura 2-loaded preparations. 2. Histamine (10 microM) evoked a phasic and tonic increase in [Ca2+]i and contraction which were both sensitive to the Ca2+ channel blockers, nimodipine and D600. 3. Caffeine (10 mM) evoked in rapid increase in [Ca2+]i which was sustained as long as the preparation was exposed to the drug, whereas the contractile response was only phasic. In the presence of nimodipine 1 microM, the phasic contraction was absent although the fura 2-Ca2+ signal amounted to 32% of the control. 4. Ryanodine (10 microM) evoked a slow increase in [Ca2+]i and a contraction, both of which were reversed after exposure to nimodipine (1 microM) or D600 (10 microM). In the presence of diazoxide (500 microM), a hyperpolarizing agent, the ryanodine-evoked increase in [Ca2+]i and in muscle tone were inhibited. 5. Thapsigargin (1 microM) also produced an increase in [Ca2+]i and a contraction both of which were blocked by nimodipine (1 microM). 6. In Ca2+-free solution, histamine 10 microM evoked non-reproducible phasic Ca2+ signal and contraction. This response was recovered after refilling in Ca2+ containing solution. The recovery was blocked by nimodipine, D600 or diazoxide and was facilitated by the Ca2+ channel activator, Bay K 8644. When the refilling medium was supplemented with thapsigargin, the recovered response was significantly reduced, but Bay K 8644 still had some action. 7. The present results show that blockage of L-type Ca2+ channels inhibited changes in [Ca2+]i evoked by histamine, caffeine and ryanodine which are generally attributed to Ca2+ mobilization from intracellular stores. They also show that when the tissue was exposed to nimodipine, D600 and diazoxide during the procedure of refilling after depletion of intracellular stores, the action of histamine on [Ca2+]i and contraction was blocked. Bay K 8644 had an opposite effect even when the Ca2+ pumping activity of the sarcoplasmic reticulum was reduced by thapsigargin. This indicates that refilling of intracellular Ca2+ stores depleted by histamine in guinea-pig intestine mainly occurred through L-type Ca2+ channels.

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