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Cell Signal. 1996 Jun;8(4):235-45.

Signaling by the G12 class of G proteins.

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Fels Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Biology, Philadelphia, PA USA.


The G12 class of G proteins are defined by the alpha-subunits of mammalian G12 and G13. Biochemical and mutational characterization of G alpha 12/13 have identified several novel signaling pathways regulated by these alpha-subunits. Studies with the constitutively activated mutants of G alpha 12 and G alpha 13 have indicated that they stimulate mitogenic signaling pathways leading to the oncogenic transformation of fibroblast cell lines. Recent analyses have indicated that G alpha 12 and G alpha 13 regulate cytoplasmic as well as nuclear signaling events such as activation of the Jun N-terminal kinase signaling module, Na+/H+ exchangers, focal adhesion assemblies, and transcriptional activation of specific primary response genes. The emerging view suggests that these signaling events represent an integrated response regulated by G12 and G13. This review discusses the diverse signaling responses regulated by G12 and G13, and the interrelationship of these responses.

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