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Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek. 1996 May;69(4):305-15.

Nitrobacter winogradskyi cytochrome c oxidase genes are organized in a repeated gene cluster.

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Laboratoire de Microbiologie, Centre de Recherches Agronomiques, Gembloux, Belgium.


Cytochrome c oxidase (EC is one of the components of the electron transport chain by which Nitrobacter, a facultative lithoautotrophic bacterium, recovers energy from nitrite oxidation. The genes encoding the two catalytic core subunits of the enzyme were isolated from a Nitrobacter winogradskyi gene library. Sequencing of one of the 14 cloned DNA segments revealed that the subunit genes are side by side in an operon-like cluster. Remarkably the cluster appears to be present in at least two copies per genome. It extends over a 5-6 kb length including, besides the catalytic core subunit genes, other cytochrome oxidase related genes, especially a heme O synthase gene. Noteworthy is the new kind of gene order identified within the cluster. Deduced sequences for the cytochrome oxidase subunits and for the heme O synthase look closest to their counterparts in other alpha-subdivision Proteobacteria, particularly the Rhizobiaceae. This confirms the phylogenetic relationships established only upon 16S rRNA data. Furthermore, interesting similarities exist between N. winogradskyi and mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunits while the heme O synthase sequence gives some new insights about the other similar published alpha-subdivision proteobacterial sequences.

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