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Annu Rev Genet. 1995;29:231-88.

Light-harvesting complexes in oxygenic photosynthesis: diversity, control, and evolution.

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Department of Plant Biology, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Stanford, California 94305, USA.


This article focuses on light-harvesting complexes (LHCs) in oxygen evolving photosynthetic organisms. These organisms include cyanobacteria, red algae, plants, green algae, brown algae, diatoms, chrysophytes, and dinoflagellates. We highlight the diversity of pigment-protein complexes that fuel the conversion of radiant energy to chemical bond energy in land plants and the diverse groups of the algae, detail the ways in which environmental parameters (i.e. light quantity and quality, nutrients) modulate the synthesis of these complexes, and discuss the evolutionary relationships among the LHC structural polypeptides.

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