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J Biol Chem. 1996 Oct 18;271(42):26315-9.

Identification of a novel hypothalamic neuropeptide Y receptor associated with feeding behavior.

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Institute for Metabolic Disorders, Bayer Corporation, West Haven, Connecticut 06516, USA.


Neuropeptide Y (NPY) plays important roles in the central control of appetite and energy balance, but the receptor subtype responsible for this function has not been cloned. Here we report the cloning by expression of a novel NPY receptor subtype from a rat hypothalamus cDNA library. The novel receptor, referred to as the NPY Y5 receptor, has a transcript of approximately 2.6 kilobases with an open reading frame of 1335 base pairs that encodes a 445-amino acid protein. The amino acid sequence deduced from the rat Y5 cDNA clone shows only 30-33% identity to other NPY receptors, including Y1, Y2, and Y4/PP1. Using the rat Y5 receptor cDNA probe, the human homologue was obtained by low stringency hybridization. The human Y5 amino acid sequence has 88% identity to the rat Y5 receptor. Importantly, pharmacological analysis shows that the rat and human Y5 receptors have high affinity for the peptides that elicit feeding (e.g. NPY, PYY, (2-36)NPY, and (LP)NPY) and low affinity for nonstimulating peptides (e.g. (13-36)NPY and rat PP), suggesting that it is the NPY feeding receptor subtype.

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