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Plant J. 1996 Feb;9(2):259-72.

RFLP and physical mapping with an rDNA-specific endonuclease reveals that nucleolus organizer regions of Arabidopsis thaliana adjoin the telomeres on chromosomes 2 and 4.

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Biology Department, Washington University, St. Louis, MO 63130, USA.


Ribosomal RNA genes are organized in tandem arrays called nucleolus organizer regions (NORs). In a prior study, RFLP mapping on pulsed-field gels placed NOR2 at the northern tip of Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome 2. New polymorphisms have allowed the other NOR, NOR4, to be mapped to the northern tip of chromosome 4. To map NOR-associated loci, rDNA-specific cleavage by I-Ppol, an endonuclease with a 15 nucleotide recognition sequence involved in rDNA-homing of a mobile, self-splicing Group I intron in Physarum was exploited. I-Ppol digestion of A. thaliana genomic DNA liberated two telomere-containing fragments no larger than 13 kbp, and telomere polymorphisms identified using I-Ppol cosegregated with NOR2 and NOR4. Restriction mapping suggested that telomere-proximal rRNA genes are oriented with their 5' ends nearest the chromosome ends and their 3' ends nearest the centromere. This orientation was confirmed using the polymerase chain reaction to clone one of the telomere-rDNA junctions, most likely the junction on chromosome 4. The telomeric repeats join the terminal rRNA gene downstream of its promoter, suggesting that this first gene is inactive. Subtelomeric repetitive DNAs are absent at the telomere-rDNA junction. Localization of NOR2, NOR4 and their associated telomeres, TEL2N and TEL4N, respectively, provides end points for the genetic and physical maps of chromosomes 2 and 4.

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