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J Immunol Methods. 1996 Sep 9;195(1-2):43-8.

Purification of cord blood lymphocytes.

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Child Health Research Institute, Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital, Australia.


When cord blood is separated using standard methods based on Ficoll-Hypaque, the mononuclear fraction is contaminated with erythrocytes and also with nucleated cells that do not express the leucocyte marker CD45. The contamination with CD45-negative cells can exceed 50%, and will interfere with phenotypic, mRNA or functional analysis. A large proportion of these cells are erythrocyte precursors. The contaminating cells may be removed by lysis with hypotonic ammonium chloride; when the cells are required for studies which are adversely affected by ammonium chloride (such as antigen processing), high purity can be attained by two rounds of density separation.

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