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Eur J Cell Biol. 1996 Jun;70(2):157-64.

Stimulation of integrin receptors using a magnetic drag force device induces an intracellular free calcium response.

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Department of Internal Medicine, University of Rostock, Germany.


Mechanical loading of cells is of fundamental relevance in physiological processes and induces several functional responses in cells. Integrins, a family of adhesion receptors, which are responsible for the interaction with the extracellular matrix, may play a role in transmission of mechanical signals into cells. The osteogenic cell line U-2 OS expresses different integrin subunits which are uniformly distributed over the cell surface. We applied defined physical forces on individual integrin receptor subunits using paramagnetic microbeads coated with anti-integrin antibodies. Application of an inhomogeneous magnetic field consequently leads to a mechanical stress on the receptor. Intracellular Ca2+ increased when the alpha 2 or the beta 1 integrin subunits were stressed, whereas mechanical loading of the transferrin receptor had a significantly lower effect. This result indicates that forces specifically exerted to individual integrin receptors induce signal transduction pathways.

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