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Hippocampus. 1995;5(5):452-9.

Quantitative morphological analysis of subicular terminals in the rat entorhinal cortex.

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Department of Anatomy and Embryology, Vrije Universiteit, Graduate School of Neurosciences Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


In the present report, we describe a morphological and quantitative analysis of subicular synapses in layer V of the lateral entorhinal cortex (LEA) of the rat. Projections from the dorsal subiculum were labeled anterogradely, and areas in LEA showing high terminal density were randomly selected for ultrathin sectioning. More than 400 terminals in LEA were photographed in the electron microscope, and synapse types and postsynaptic targets were identified and, subsequently, quantified with the unbiased disector method. Most subicular terminals appeared to form asymmetrical synapses. A majority of asymmetrical synapses terminated on spines (67.5%), whereas a smaller fraction of asymmetrical synapses (23.5%) terminated on dendritic shafts. A small fraction of the terminals (7%) had symmetrical features. These symmetrical synapses had an almost equal percentage of spines and dendritic shafts as postsynaptic elements. Labeled synapses on somata or axons were never observed. The findings of this study in conjunction with relevant electrophysiological observations (Jones [1987] Neurosci Left 81:209-214) leads to the conclusion that the subiculo-entorhinal pathway comprises a large excitatory and a smaller inhibitory projection, both making synaptic contacts with presumed principal neurons and interneurons in the entorhinal cortex.

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