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Eur J Immunol. 1996 Aug;26(8):1794-800.

Molecular Ig gene analysis reveals that monocytoid B cell lymphoma is a malignancy of mature B cells carrying somatically mutated V region genes and suggests that rearrangement of the kappa-deleting element (resulting in deletion of the Ig kappa enhancers) abolishes somatic hypermutation in the human.

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Institute for Genetics, University of Cologne, Germany.


Five cases of monocytoid B cell lymphoma (MBCL) were analyzed for somatic mutations in the rearranged V region genes. Somatic mutations were found in four of the five cases, whereas one unusual CD5+ lymphoma harbored unmutated V region genes. Since somatic mutations are introduced into V region genes of antigen-activated B cells in the course of T cell-dependent immune responses, these results suggest a derivation of the tumor B cells in MBCL from antigen-experienced mature B cells. An analysis of the kappa-deleting element in two of the cases in which mutated VH but unmutated and nonfunctional V kappa gene rearrangements were found suggests that somatic hypermutation does not take place in human rearranged V kappa region genes when the C kappa gene and the kappa enhancers have been deleted in cis by rearrangement of the kappa-deleting element.

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