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Metabolism. 1977 Aug;26(8):867-73.

Carbohydrate metabolism in hypothyroid myopathy.


The carbohydrate metabolism in hypothyroid patients was investigated. After an overnight fast, the blood glucose level was 24% lower and the blood lactate level was 35% lower in the untreated hypothyroid patients than that observed in the treated hypothyroid patients or in the normal subjects. There was no difference in the blood alanine or plasma free fatty acid values between the subject groups. Skeletal muscle biopsied from two hypothyroid patients with marked myopathy showed normal glycogen content, 0.83%-0.86% (normal 1.06%), but reduced activity of acid maltase, 32-50 nmoles/min/g (normal 97). Forearm ischemic stimulation applied to hypothyroid patients failed to elevate the level of lactate. The results are compatible with impaired glycogenolysis from the skeletal muscle, which may be a contributory factor in the myopathy in hypothyroidism.

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