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DNA Cell Biol. 1996 Jul;15(7):549-59.

Identification and characterization of BC1 RNP particles.

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Fishberg Research Center for Neurobiology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY 10029, USA.


Rodent brain-specific small cytoplasmic BC1 RNA is an unusual RNA in several respects. It is an RNA polymerase III transcript expressed specifically in neurons, with regional and developmental regulation. Moreover, it is one of a few RNAs actively transported into dendrites. Three findings indicate that BC1 RNA exists as a ribonucleoprotein complex in vivo. First, the buoyant density of fractions containing BC1 RNA from brain extract on CsCI and Cs2SO4 gradients is 1.45 g/ml and 1.55 g/ml, respectively; this is consistent with the density of RNA-protein complexes. Second, in sucrose gradients, the BC1 particle has a larger S value (8.7S) than naked RNA (6.1S). Third, BC1 RNA from brain extracts migrates with retarded mobility compared to naked BC1 RNA during agarose gel electrophoresis. Additionally, in comparison to the signal recognition particle (SRP), the BC1 RNP is more heat resistant and less Mg(2+)-dependent. The buoyant density of the BC1 RNP suggests the presence of protein(s) with a total mass of about 138kD.

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