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Chromosoma. 1996 Aug;105(2):82-91.

rTP: a candidate telomere protein that is associated with DNA replication.

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Department of Chemistry, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE 68588, USA.


In this paper we describe the isolation and characterization of rTP, the replication Telomere Protein, formerly known as the telomere protein homolog. The rTP was initially identified because of its homology to the gene for the Oxytricha telomere-binding protein alpha-subunit. The protein encoded by the rTP gene has extensive amino acid sequence identity to the DNA-binding domain of the telomere-binding proteins from both Euplotes crassus and Oxytricha nova. We have now identified the protein encoded by the rTP gene and have shown that it differs from the telomere-binding protein in its abundance, solubility and intracellular location. To learn more about the function of rTP, we determined when during the Euplotes life cycle the gene is transcribed. The transcript was detectable only in nonstarved vegetative cells and during the final stages of macronuclear development. Since the peak transcript level coincided with the rounds of replication that take place toward the end of macronuclear development, it appeared that rTP might be involved in DNA replication. Immunolocalization experiments provided support for this hypothesis as antibodies to rTP specifically stain the replication bands. Replication bands are the sites of DNA replication in Euplotes macronuclei. Our results suggest that rTP may be a new telomere replication factor.

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