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J Immunol. 1996 Jul 15;157(2):956-62.

Human IgG monoclonal antibodies that modulate the binding of specific IgE to birch pollen Bet v 1.

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Schering-Plough, Laboratory for Immunological Research, Dardilly, France.


Birch pollen allergy is a very frequent pathology in Europe and North America. More than 95% of the tree pollen allergic patients display IgE reactivity against Bet v 1, the major birch pollen allergen. Starting with PBL from a patient desensitized by immunotherapy, we have generated five B cell lines (BAB1 to BAB5) that secrete human IgG mAbs of high affinity for Bet v 1. Although competition studies indicated that these human IgG mAb recognized different epitopes, broad cross-reactivity was found with Bet v 1 homologous allergens present in tree pollens and plant-derived foods. When tested for interference with allergic patients' IgE, BAB1 inhibited (by 80-100%) the binding of IgE to nitrocellulose-blotted Bet v 1, while BAB2 enhanced it. The biologic significance of the ability of BAB1 to interfere with patients' IgE binding is indicated by the finding that BAB1 completely inhibited Bet v 1-induced histamine release from allergic patients' basophils. Allergen-specific human IgG mAbs such as BAB1, which presents high blocking activity in both immunochemical and cellular IgE competition experiments, might have therapeutical application.

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