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Vision Res. 1996 Feb;36(3):391-9.

Is the site of non-linear filtering in stereopsis before or after binocular combination?

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Dept of Ophthalmology, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


There is recent evidence that both linear and non-linear filtering operations subserve stereoscopic localization. For example, for spatially band-pass stimuli, the overall Gaussian envelope, which is not explicitly represented by the output of linear filters, can provide coarse disparity information. Here we ask three questions about the nature of this non-linear processing in stereopsis. First, is the site of the non-linearity before or after binocular combination? Second, is the stimulus envelope extracted by orientation or non-orientation selective spatial filters? Finally, we ask whether the envelope-based 3-D localization performance is similar to that for monocular 2-D localization as would be the case if the localization of the monocular contrast envelope was common to both operations. Our results suggest that envelope extraction occurs before binocular combination and that the filters involved are orientation selective. Finally, we provide preliminary evidence that is compatible with the proposal that 3-D and 2-D localization use the same envelope extraction operations.

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