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Int J Parasitol. 1995 Dec;25(12):1385-91.

Characterization of a novel non-muscle myosin-related protein from Onchocerca gibsoni.

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Department of Molecular Sciences, James Cook University of North Queensland, Townsville, Australia.


A cDNA library was constructed in lambda gt11 using poly(A)+ mRNA from early larvae of Onchocerca gibsoni. Screening of the library using serum from a single onchocerciasis patient yielded several strongly immunoreactive clones, one of which (OGK2) was found to encode a novel myosin-related protein. cDNA clone OGK2 contained an insert of 2017 bp, consisting of continuous open reading frame in frame with the vector, hence this clone encodes 671 amino acid residues of a larger protein. A fragment (619 nt) of the OGK2 cDNA was subcloned into the expression vector pGEX-1N to generate a glutathione S-transferase fusion protein. Polyclonal antiserum raised to this fusion protein strongly recognised an O. gibsoni protein of approximately 220 kDa. Immunolocalization studies indicated that this protein was associated predominantly with the hypodermis and a number of other specific membrane layers in the adult parasite. Myosin-related proteins are frequently immunodominant parasite antigens and in a number of studies have been shown to confer a degree of protective immunity against the corresponding parasite. Evaluation of the protective potential of the OGK2 protein, therefore, appears to be warranted.

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