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Avian Dis. 1995 Oct-Dec;39(4):859-66.

In vivo role of tumor necrosis-like factor in Eimeria tenella infection.

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Livestock and Poultry Sciences Institute, United States Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, Maryland 20705, USA.


The effect of tumor necrosis-like factor (TNLF) on the pathogenesis of coccidiosis was investigated. Injection of crude chicken TNLF enhanced the weight loss caused by Eimeria tenella infection. Rabbit polyclonal antibody against recombinant human tumor necrosis factor-alpha (rhTNF) partially restored E. tenella-induced weight loss in SC chickens, but not in TK chickens. However, injection of chickens with chicken TNLF, rhTNF, and rabbit serum against rhTNF had no significant effect on cecal lesions. Both SC and TK chickens produced circulating TNLF following primary, but not secondary infection, and SC chickens showed higher level of TNLF production than TK chickens. Peripheral blood leukocyte-derived macrophages from SC and TK chickens produced a significant amount of TNLF compared to the preinfection condition when cocultured with sporozoites. In general, macrophages from SC chickens produced higher levels of TNLF than those from TK chickens. No significant difference was observed between primary and secondary infection. These results suggest that the excessive TNF production may be involved in weight loss caused by E. tenella infection in SC chickens.

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