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Vision Res. 1996 May;36(9):1255-64.

The effect of display size on disparity scaling from differential perspective and vergence cues.

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Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford, U.K.


The present study compared the relative effectiveness of differential perspective and vergence angle manipulations in scaling depth from horizontal disparities. When differential perspective and vergence angle were manipulated together (to simulate a range of different viewing distances from 28 cm to infinity), approximately 35% of the scaling required for complete depth constancy was obtained. When manipulated separately the relative influence of each cue depended crucially on the size of the visual display. Differential perspective was only effective when the display size was sufficiently large (i.e., greater than 20 deg) whereas the influence of vergence angle, although evident at each display size, was greatest in the smaller displays. For each display size the independent effects of the two cues were approximately additive. Perceived size (and two-dimensional spacing of elements) was also affected by manipulations of differential perspective and vergence. These results confirm that both differential perspective and vergence are effective in scaling the perceived two-dimensional size of elements and the perceived depth from horizontal disparities. They also show that the effect of the two cues in combination is approximately equal to the sum of their individual effects.

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