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Mol Gen Genet. 1996 Jun 24;251(4):451-60.

The glucose repressor gene cre1 of Trichoderma: isolation and expression of a full-length and a truncated mutant form.

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VTT Biotechnology and Food Research, Espoo, Finland.


The cre1 genes of the filamentous fungi Trichoderma reesei and T. harzianum were isolated and characterized. The deduced CREI proteins are 46% identical to the product of the glucose repressor gene creA of Aspergillus nidulans, encoding a DNA-binding protein with zinc fingers of the C2H2 type. The cre1 promoters contain several sequence elements that are identical to the previously identified binding sites for A. nidulans CREA. Steady-state mRNA levels for cre1 of the T. reesei strain QM9414 varied depending on the carbon source, being low on glucose-containing media. These observations suggest that cre1 expression may be autoregulated. The T. reesei strain Rut-C30, a hyper-producer of cellulolytic enzymes, was found to express a truncated form of the cre1 gene (cre1-1) with an ORF corresponding to a protein of 95 amino acids with only one zinc finger. Unlike QM9414 the strain Rut-C30 produced cellulase mRNAs on glucose-containing medium and transformation of the full-length cre1 gene into this strain caused glucose repression of cbh1 expression, demonstrating that cre1 regulates cellulase expression.

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