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Pediatr Res. 1977 May;11(5):677-80.

Cellular and humoral components of monocyte and neutrophil chemotaxis in cord blood.


Monocyte and polymorphonuclear neutrophil (PMN) chemotaxis was studied in cord blood from healthy term infants. Monocyte chemotaxis was normal to increased (115-126%) whereas PMN chemotaxis was decreased (79%) in comparison with that of healthy adult control subjects. Generation of chemotactic factors from cord sera was impaired, being 55% of that generated by pooled normal human serum (PNHS). Cord serum was less inhibitory than pooled adult human serum for adult monocytes when the cells were suspended in 10% serum and tested for chemotaxis. No inhibition of chemotactic factors by either cord or adult sera was observed. The dissociation of chemotactic response of the two different phagocytic cells may represent a protective mechanism whereby one cell can compensate for a defect in the response of the other.

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