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Biochim Biophys Acta. 1996 Jul 25;1282(2):171-3.

Temperature dependence of endocytosis in renal epithelial cells in culture.

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INSERM U 426, Faculté de Médecine Xavier-Bichat, Paris, France.


Temperature dependence of fluid-phase endocytosis was determined in two renal epithelial cell lines, MDCK cells and LLC-PK1 cells, using Lucifer Yellow or horseradish peroxidase as markers. For both cell lines, grown on solid support as a confluent monolayer, biphasic curves of marker uptake vs. temperature were obtained. The changes in slope occurred around 27 degrees C, a critical temperature at which the lipids of the plasma membrane of MDCK cells enter in the gel state. Activation energies were significantly higher above 27 degrees C (15-22 kcal/mol) than below that critical temperature (9-12 kcal/mol). These data indicate that changes in membrane physical state have marked effects on endocytic processes. They suggest that two mechanisms, with different activation energies are involved in the fluid phase endocytosis by renal epithelial cells in culture.

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