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Yeast. 1996 Mar 30;12(4):391-402.

Sequencing a cosmid clone of Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome XIV reveals 12 new open reading frames (ORFs) and an ancient duplication of six ORFs.

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Institute for Applied Microbiology, University of Basel, Switzerland.


A sequence of 31431 bp located on the left arm of chromosome (chr.) XIV from Saccharomyces cerevisiae was analysed. A total of 18 open reading frames (ORFs) could be identified. Twelve ORFs are new, two of which are most likely ribosomal protein genes, leaving ten ORFs of unknown function. Nine of the 18 ORFs show either at least 20% overall amino acid identity or significant regional homology to other S. cerevisiae ORFs. Additionally, six of these nine ORFs have homologues of similar size and the same transcriptional orientation within a stretch of 50 kb on chromosome IX. The degree of homology ranges from 90% overall identity to 23% in 375 amino acids. The homologues on chromosome IX are grouped in two blocks that are separated by relatively long ORFs. This is the first example of a multi-gene duplication in S. cerevisiae not linked to a centromere or subtelomere region.

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