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Nature. 1996 Jul 11;382(6587):133-8.

Integration of positional signals and regulation of wing formation and identity by Drosophila vestigial gene.

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Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Laboratory of Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 53706, USA.


Appendage formation is organized by signals from discrete sources that presumably act upon downstream genes to control growth and patterning. The Drosophila vestigial gene is selectively required for wing-cell proliferation, and is sufficient to induce outgrowths of wing tissue from eyes, legs and antennae. Different signals activate separate enhancers to control vestigial expression: first, in the dorsal/ventral organizer through the Notch pathway, and subsequently, in the developing wing blade by decapentaplegic and a signal from the dorsal/ventral organizer. Signal integration must be a general feature of genes like vestigial, that regulate growth or patterning along more than one axis.

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