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Experientia. 1996 Jun 15;52(6):554-7.

Differences in membrane ion transport between hepatocytes from the periportal and the pericentral areas of the liver lobule.

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Department of Physiology, School of Medicine, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936.


We studied the Na+/K+ pump, Na+/K+ ATPase activity, and oxygen consumption (QO2) in hepatocytes isolated from the periportal (PH) and pericentral (CH) regions of the liver lobule, to provide an insight into the functional properties of these cells. Na+/K+ pump activity was determined using 86Rb+ (a functional analog of K+) and ouabain, a specific inhibitor of this transport system. Our results indicate the the Na+/K+ pump and Na+/K+ ATPase activity are significantly lower in CH than in PH, although basal ouabain-sensitive (OS) QO2 was negligible in both of these cell preparations. However, OSQO2 was significantly lower in CH than in PH when the Na+/K+ pump was activated using the ionophore nystatin in a Na(+)-containing medium. These results indicate that the differences in membrane ion transport exist between hepatocytes from different locations of the liver lobule.

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