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Leukemia. 1996 Jul;10(7):1127-33.

Expression pattern of WT1 and GATA-1 in AML with chromosome 16q22 abnormalities.

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Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, USA.


WT1 is a tumor suppressor gene that can repress transcription of many growth-factor and growth-factor receptor genes. We quantitated WT1 expression levels in 62 acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) samples and found that 82% strongly expressed WT1. WT1 expression levels are highest in the undifferentiated and granulocytic French-American-British (FAB) subclasses and lower in the monocytic subclasses. WT1 was strongly expressed in normal CD34+ bone marrow (BM) stem cells but only weakly or not expressed in normal mature blood cells. This suggests that WT1 gene expression is associated with immature cells, which have high proliferative capacities. Previous studies of WT1 gene regulation showed that GATA-1 may regulate WT1 expression. To understand the relationship between WT1 and GATA-1 expression in leukemia, we examined the expression pattern of GATA-1 in the cells described above. Overall, AML samples expressed significant amounts of both WT1 and GATA-1. However, AML samples with 16q22 abnormalities, presumably interrupting the core binding factor (CBF) beta gene expressed lower than normal levels of GATA-1 but high levels of WT1. Our data suggest that the transcription factor CBF beta may be important for GATA-1 gene regulation. Thus, WT1 expression varied in different FAB subclasses, and GATA-1 expression was strongly affected by the presence of chromosome 16q22 abnormalities.

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