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J Immunol. 1996 Jul 1;157(1):189-97.

Identification, molecular cloning, biologic properties, and tissue distribution of a novel isoform of murine low-affinity IgG receptor homologous to human Fc gamma RIIB1.

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Laboratory of Cellular and Clinical Immunology, INSERM Unit 255, Curie Institute, Paris, France.


A cryptic splice donor site in the first intracytoplasmic (IC) exon of the murine Fc gamma RIIB gene generates a previously unknown Fc gamma RIIB isoform. Three membrane Fc gamma RIIB polypeptides of 37, 32, and 30 kDa were immunoprecipitated by Fc gamma RIIB-specific Abs, and three Fc gamma RIIB cDNAs of 1071, 987, and 930 bp were amplified by reverse transcriptase-PCR with Fc gamma RIIB-specific oligonucleotides from the mastocytoma cells P815. The 1071-bp cDNA contains all sequences of IC exons and encodes the 37-kDa Fc gamma RIIB1 isoform. The 930-bp cDNA lacks sequences of the first IC exon and encodes the 30-kDa Fc gamma RIIB2 isoform. The 987-bp cDNA has an 84-nucleotide deletion of the first IC exon 3' sequences. When stably transfected in the lymphoma B cells IIA1.6, or in the mast cells RBL-2H3, this cDNA encoded 32-kDa Fc gamma RIIB whose biologic properties were undistinguishable from those of Fc gamma RIIB1: they inhibited B cell activation when coaggregated to B cell receptors and capped when aggregated at 37 degrees C, but failed to mediate endocytosis or phagocytosis. Sequences responsible for capping and inhibition of internalization, previously assigned to sequences encoded by the first IC exon, can thus be mapped in the 19 N-terminal residues. These residues are highly conserved in human Fc gamma RIIB1. The 87-bp first IC exon of the human gene ends by a single splice site in the downstream intron and encodes a 19-amino acid insertion. The 32-kDa Fc gamma RIIB is the murine homologue of human Fc gamma RIIB1. We propose to name it Fc gamma RIIB1'. Fc gamma RIIB1' was expressed in myeloid and lymphoid cell lines, in normal spleen cells, and in resting or LPS-activated B cells.

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