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J Comp Physiol A. 1996 Jun;178(6):779-85.

Hearing in the FM-bat Phyllostomus discolor: a behavioral audiogram.

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Abteilung Vergleichende Neurobiologie, Universit├Ąt Ulm, Germany.


Absolute auditory thresholds of six adult lesser spear-nosed bats Phyllostomus discolor (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae) were determined in a two-alternative forced-choice procedure. Behavioral response to pure tone stimuli could be elicited throughout the tested frequency range of 5-142 kHz. The shape of the average audiogram is characterized by two sensitivity peaks and a pronounced increase of thresholds around 55 kHz, and towards the limits of the tested frequency range. The spectral extent of both sensitivity peaks shows a close relation to the bandwidth of two types of species-specific vocalizations. The first low threshold area (> 10 and < 55 kHz) of the audiogram seems perfectly adapted to the directive call used for intraspecifc communication, whereas the second sensitivity peak, centered around 85 kHz, covers most of the bandwidth of the species' echolocation calls.

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