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Prostaglandins. 1977 May;13(5):819-30.

The treatment of the hepatorenal syndrome with intra-renal administration of prostaglandin E1.


Three patients with the hepatorenal syndrome were treated with prostaglandin E1 administered through a selective renal arterial catheter. Prostaglandin E1 was given in progressively increasing doses (2 to 100 ng/kg/min) over a 60-minute period. Control plasma prostaglandin E levels were elevated in all three patients, 0.98, 0.91, and 0.83 ng/ml, respectively. At the end of the infusion, plasma prostaglandin E levels had risen to 10.4, 2.63, and 10.3 ng/ml in the three patients respectively. Plasma renin activity increased during the course of the infusion in two of the patients. The plasma aldosterone concentration did not change during the prostaglandin E1 infusion. Intrarenal prostaglandin E1 failed to increase urine volume or urinary sodium concentration in three patients with the hepatorenal syndrome.

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