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FEBS Lett. 1996 Jun 10;388(1):11-5.

Immunolocalization of an inwardly rectifying K+ channel, K(AB)-2 (Kir4.1), in the basolateral membrane of renal distal tubular epithelia.

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Department of Cell Biology and Signaling, Yamagata University School of Medicine, Yamagata, Japan.


Immunolocalization of K(AB)-2 (Kir4.1), an inwardly rectifying K+ channel with a putative ATP-binding domain, was examined in rat kidney where expression of K(AB)-2 mRNA was previously shown. Anti-K(AB)-2 antibody was raised in rabbit and then affinity-purified. An immunohistochemical study revealed that K(AB)-2 immunoreactivity was detected specifically in the basolateral membrane of distal tubular epithelia. Therefore, K(AB)-2 is the first K+ channel shown to be localized in the basolateral membrane of renal epithelia. The finding suggests that K(AB)-2 may contribute to supplying K+ to the Na(+)-K+ pump, which is abundant in the basolateral membrane of distal tubular epithelia, as well as to maintenance of the deep negative membrane potential of these cells.

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