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Exp Neurol. 1996 Jun;139(2):317-21.

Morphological analysis of the early development of the chick neural tube separated from the floor plate and notochord.

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Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy, Niigata University School of Medicine,Japan.


When the neural tube of avian embryos is separated from the notochord and floor plate, motoneurons in the spinal cord fail to develop. In order to investigate the factors involved in this phenomenon, cell proliferation activity and cell death were observed following paramedian incision of the neural tube at the level of the segmental plate using colchicine, BrdU, and TUNEL methods. If the notochord and/or floor plate produces a substance(s) that promotes cell division in the basal plate neuroepithelium or that supports the survival of the motoneuron's neuroblasts, mitotic figures should not be present in the neuroepithelium nor should substantial cell death be observed in the ventral aspect of the notochord- and floor plate-deprived neural tube. Surprisingly, however, neither result was observed in the present experiments, with the exception of a considerable amount of homogeneously distributed cell death. Neuroepithelial cells continued to proliferate and gave rise to neuroblasts. Nevertheless, motoneurons failed to develop, and the neural tube was enveloped by only the basement membrane of the alar plate (S. Hirano and H. Tanaka, 1994, Dev. Growth Differ: 36, 481-488). These morphological results revealed that the cause of the development of the anterior horn lacking a neural tube in the notochord- and neural tube-eliminated embryos is not the elimination of the source of the surviving factor(s) of the motoneuron's neuroblasts, but rather the elimination of the signals to induce the motoneurons, derived from the notochord and/or floor plate. The larger amount of cell death in the neural tube on the experimental side suggests that a nonspecific survival factor(s), necessary for the survival of a variety of types of neuroblasts, is also produced by the notochord and/or floor plate.

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