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Biochemistry. 1996 Jun 11;35(23):7514-9.

Structure of the bradykinin B2 receptors' amino terminus.

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  • 1Institute of Physiological Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry, University at Mainz, Germany.


The peptide hormone bradykinin exerts important biological functions by binding to and activating bradykinin B2 receptors. B2 receptors belong to the seven transmembrane domain (7TM) receptor family. Cloning of the cDNA sequences for the rat, human, and mouse bradykinin B2 receptor revealed several in-frame AUG triplets as potential initiation sites for translation. Due to "Kozak-like" consensus nucleotides, the AUG codon closest to transmembrane domain 1 was assumed the preferred initiation site for translation, but the real amino terminus of the B2 receptor protein was unknown. The amino terminus of several 7TM receptors has been shown to be essentially involved in receptor activation and/or ligand binding. Therefore we determined the amino terminus of the human and of the rat B2 receptor using domain-specific antipeptide antibodies, amino acid sequence analysis, and in vitro transcription/translation. We report that the human and rat B2 receptor protein start with the methionine which is translated from the first in-frame AUG. This start site extends the known amino terminus of the human and rat B2 receptors by 27 or 30 amino acid residues, respectively. Antibodies raised against a peptide of the initial 27 amino acids of the human B2 receptor stained B2 receptors on intact cells. This finding excludes the existence of a signal sequence for this receptor.

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