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Plant J. 1996 Apr;9(4):477-89.

Isolation of pl 4.6 extensin peroxidase from tomato cell suspension cultures and identification of Val-Tyr-Lys as putative intermolecular cross-link site.

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MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory, Michigan State University, East Lansing 48823, USA.


Extensins and kindred hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins occur in dicot cell walls mainly as insoluble integral components that may form an intermolecularly cross-linked network interpenetrated by other polymers. Extensins also occur in muro as a small pool of soluble monomeric precursors to network extensin. These precursors were prepared in milligram quantities by salt elution from the surface of intact cells grown as tomato suspension cultures. Based on an FPLC (Superose-6) gel filtration assay of cross-linked extensin oligomers, a pl 4.6 extensin cross-linking peroxidase isozyme was partially purified from the culture growth medium. Purification involved: volume reduction, ultracentrifugation to remove pectin and co-adsorbed cationic peroxidase, followed by chromatography of anionic extensin peroxidase (pl 4.6) on DEAE-Trisacryl and TSK-gel DEAE-5PW columns. With tomato P1 extensin as substrate and 60 microM H2O2 as co-substrate, at 23 degrees pl 4.6 extensin peroxidase gave a Km of 0.22 mM P1 and a Vmax 0f 70 mumol P1 cross-linked min-1mg-1 enzyme, at the optimum pH 5.5. Assayed with 12 different extensins from representative monocots, dicots, and gymnosperms, the pl 4.6 isozyme cross-linked highly selectively, indicating two natural groups: cross-linking or CL-extensins and non-cross-linking or NCL-extensins. CL-extensins contained the X-Hyp-Val-Tyr-Lys motif and were also highly glycosylated. However, the simplest motif common to CL-extensins but absent from NCL-extensins was Val-Tyr-Lys. Thus, peroxidative coupling of extensin monomers and resistance of the resultant oligomers to depolymerization by anhydrous HF suggests that the intermolecular cross-link involves tyrosine or lysine.

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