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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1996 Mar 27;220(3):491-5.

The concerted regulation of cPLA2, COX2, and lipocortin 1 expression by IL-1beta in A549 cells.

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Department of Biochemical Pharmacology, The William Harvey Research Institute, The Medical College of St. Bartholemew's Hospital, London, United Kingdom.


The pro-inflammatory effects of IL-1beta have been linked to the induction of the enzyme COX-2. We now show that in addition to increasing the expression of COX-2, IL-1beta concomittantly decreased the expression of lipocortin 1 on the surface of A549 cells. Furthermore, cytosolic PLA2 is concomittantly activated by phosphorylation-resulting in a stimulation of arachidonic acid and PGE2 release. All of these effects appear to be mediated via a common pathway of PLC and PKC activation. Activation of cPLA2 is inhibited by dexamethasone in a lipocortin 1-dependent mechanism. We present a novel hypothesis whereby the effects of IL-1beta are not only due to activation of enzymes necessary for generation of eicosanoids but also to an inhibition of mechanisms that regulate the supply of arachidonic acid.

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