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Cell Immunol. 1996 Feb 1;167(2):188-94.

Fc gamma RII on human B cells can mediate enhanced antigen presentation.

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Department of Physiology, Dartmouth Medical School, Lebanon, New Hampshire 03756, USA.


The ability of Fc gamma R on monocytes and macrophages to enhance presentation of Ab-bound Ag has been well established. In contrast, studies suggest that Fc gamma RII on B cells functions primarily to suppress B cell responses. We found that presentation of tetanus toxoid (TT) by human EBV-transformed B cells was enhanced by 100- to 1000-fold, when TT was targeted to Fc gamma RII on B cells by using a conjugate consisting of TT covalently linked to anti-human Fc gamma RII mAb 41H16. This enhanced presentation could be blocked by mAb 41H16, heat-aggregated human IgG, or anti-MHC Class II mAb. Similarly, multimeric immune complexes composed to TT and anti-TT mAb, SA13, and 9F12 also enhanced presentation of TT. Furthermore, Fc gamma RII on purified human peripheral blood B cells could also enhance Ag presentation. These studies provide the first clear evidence that Fc gamma RII can participate in enhanced Ag presentation by human B cells and suggest that Fc gamma RII has the potential to play a stimulatory role in human B cell responses to Ag-Ab complexes.

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