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Cancer Lett. 1996 Apr 19;102(1-2):113-23.

Upregulated expression of the genes encoding translation initiation factors eIF-4E and eIF-2alpha in transformed cells.

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Harvard-Massachusetts Institute of Technology Division of Health Sciences and Technology, Cambridge, 02139, USA.


Increased protein synthesis is necessary for the transition of cells from quiescence to proliferation. It is shown in this paper that the induction of expression of the translation initiation factor eIF-4E in normal cells requires serum growth factors, while this requirement is abrogated in tumor cells analyzed in this study. Further, the expression of eIF-4E and eIF-2alpha is increased in c-myc, v-src, and v-abl-transformed cells. It is demonstrated that an increase in c-myc function leads to elevated expression of eIF-4E and eIF-2alpha, increases in net protein synthesis and cell proliferation. It may be suggested that constitutive activation of translational machinery may be one common mechanism by which various oncogenes exert their transforming function.

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