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Hematopoietic transcriptional regulation by the myeloid zinc finger gene, MZF-1.

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Walther Oncology Center, Indiana University Medical Center, Indianapolis 46202, USA.


Transcriptional regulators control much of hematopoiesis. One such transcriptional regulator is the myeloid zinc finger gene MZF-1. MZF-1 has been localized to the telomere of chromosome 19q, where a large number of related zinc finger genes reside. It has been found to be essential in granulopoiesis. It is a bi-functional transcriptional regulator, repressing transcription in non-hematopoietic cells, and activating transcription in cells of hematopoietic origins. Its consensus DNA binding site has been isolated, and sites in several promoters of myeloid-specific genes, such as CD34, lactoferrin, and myeloperoxidase, have been defined. In co-transfection experiments MZF-1 has been found to regulate transcription from the CD34 promoter.

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