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Zh Vyssh Nerv Deiat Im I P Pavlova. 1995 Nov-Dec;45(6):1101-11.

[The electroencephalographic correlates of a disorder in higher cortical functions in local lesions of the hypothalamic area].

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In order to reveal correlations between disturbances in higher cortical functions and characteristics of electrical activity 70 patients with pathological foci in the hypothalamic regions were examined using computer data processing. Destruction of the normal intercentral relations between EEG rhythms develops under the influence of the hypothalamic focus. The process builds up with the aggravation of cortical disorders (mnestic, emotional-affective, consciousness oppression with sleep inversion). General decrease of EEG coherence is observed with the highest destruction of correlations in the frontal cortical areas. The structure of high-frequency alpha-rhythm becomes deranged even in slight cortical disorders, its coherence decreases predominantly in the frontal cortical areas. With intensification of the pathological process in the focus, the stage of delta-rhythm coherence increase is observed and at the background of general destruction of correlations new, pathological intercentral relations develop. Using a BRAINLOC computer technique "sources" of the delta- and theta-activity have been localized in the medio-basal brain regions. The area of localization is specific for hypothalamic lesions. The "source" is mostly expressed in the slightest pathology of higher cortical functions. With aggravation of the process in the hypothalamic pathological focus and further derangement in the cortical functions expression of the "sources" reduces up to their complete disintegration in coma.

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