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J Physiol. 1995 Nov 15;489 ( Pt 1):171-81.

Statistics of quantal secretion during long trains of sympathetic nerve impulses in mouse vas deferens.

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Department of Physiology, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia.


1. A statistical analysis has been made of the occurrence of excitatory junctional currents (EJCs) of similar amplitude recorded with an extracellular electrode during long trains of nerve impulses to the mouse vas deferens. 2. The number of EJCs of similar amplitude that occurred in consecutive impulses during trains of 500-1000 impulses at 0.5-2.0 Hz increased with the number of EJCs evoked during the train. 3. There was no evidence of significant dependence between consecutive EJCs of similar amplitude in sixteen out of eighteen trains in eighteen preparations. 4. The time course of clusters of EJCs of similar amplitude was examined by determining the standard deviation of different groups of EJCs within a cluster throughout their time course. Most EJCs within a cluster could be grouped with a coefficient of variation < 0.1 throughout their time course. 5. The observations on EJCs of similar amplitude leave open the possibility that secretion from single varicosities is, in general, multiquantal.

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