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Eur J Biochem. 1995 Dec 15;234(3):843-8.

Identification of mRNAs that show modulated expression during colon carcinoma cell differentiation.

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Department of Pathology, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


To investigate the working hypotheses that stem cells or their early descendants are prime targets for neoplastic transformation, and that the degree to which a neoplasm retains the immature phenotype is an important determinant of tumor aggressiveness, we have identified several mRNAs that are downregulated during the in vitro differentiation of HT29-D4 colon carcinoma cells. These genes include heat-shock cognate protein Hsc70, adenylosuccinate lyase, B23/nucleophosmin, alpha-tubulin, and a novel gene designated DS-1. The DS-1 mRNA has a length of approximately 0.9 kb and is downregulated 4.7-fold upon differentiation. From the DS-1 cDNA, a protein of 206 amino acids with a molecular mass of 24 kDa and an isoelectric point of 10.9 can be deduced. An antiserum directed against a synthetic peptide detected a minor band of the expected size in Western blots, as well as a major band of lower size that may represent a processed form of the protein.

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