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Curr Genet. 1995 Oct;28(5):423-8.

The genes encoding subunit 3 of NADH dehydrogenase and ribosomal protein S12 are co-transcribed and edited in Pinus sylvestris (L.) mitochondria.

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Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology, Faculty of Forestry, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå, Sweden.


The nucleotide sequence of the region encoding NADH dehydrogenase subunit 3 and ribosomal protein S12 from Pinus sylvestris (L.) mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) has been determined. A sequence comparison of this region with six individual cDNA clones prepared by RT-PCR revealed 35 C-to-T differences, showing the occurrence of RNA editing. All but one of these alterations in mRNA sequence change codon identities to specify amino acid better conserved in evolution. Most of these modifications take place within the nad3 gene changing 20% of the amino-acid sequence, which is much more than in angiosperms. Of six cDNA clones investigated, four clones of nad3 were differentially edited, but the editing of the rps12 sequences was identical. As in angiosperms, the two genes are separated by a short sequence of 52 bp, which is not edited. Two transcripts of about 0.9 kb and 1.2 kb, each encoding both proteins, have been detected by Northern hybridisation. The hybridisation of nad3 and rps12 probes with pine mtDNA digested with different restriction enzymes indicates that both genes are present in a single copy in pine mtDNA. The analysis of PCR amplification products with gene-specific primers shows a conserved order of these genes in a wide range of gymnosperms.

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